Lady Go Snip (AQHA) 2002 Chestnut Mare for Sale

AQHA 2002 Chestnut Mare for Sale

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At a glance

  • Sold
  • 2002 Chestnut Mare
  • Registered APHA #4235154
  • Height 15.3 HH

Training & Conformation

Tiffany has completed all three of our pre-rider training levels.

As a weanling she was introduced to halter training, grooming, hoof care, oral worming, and learned to enjoy human contact.

From her yearling year to three years old she was kept in a herd setting most of the time. During this time she develop physically and mentally. As she developed she proved to be smart confident and friendly.

During her 4 and 5 year old years she was lightly trained learning all of the basics for pre-rider training, this included practicing catching, leading and tying skills, de-worming, hoof trimming, spending time in a box stall and learning to relax out of the heard setting. Tiffany was trained to ground drive, lung in a round pen, accept a saddle on her back and trailer load.

Lady Go Snip (AQHA) 2002 Chestnut Mare for Sale

What you need to know

Lady Go Snip (Tiffany) Is a powerful, smart, friendly mare with flawless conformation. She is friendly and never misses the opportunity for a visit or to put her nose in a halter and see what you want her to do. Her exceptional conformation assure her easy movement and eye catching good looks. This beautiful mares build and balance is truly as close to perfect as any horse I have ever owned. She is in every way what I believe a quarter horse should be. She is refined and balanced, her movements are strong and easy. She has raised one foal (2010), she is a fantastic mare and passed along her great conformation and temperament.

Tiffany has always received excellent care, she has never been injured and is blemish free. She is suitable to be used as a saddle horse or a breeding mare.

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These personality assessments and traits are based on the book titled “Is Your Horse a Rock Star? Understanding Your Horse’s Personality” by Dessa Hockley 2008.

We run the results on each horse's personality through a computer model based on Ms. Hockley's theories. We find these results a remarkable match to our intimate knowledge of our horses.

The above information describing this horse's personality including the "do's and don'ts'" was down loaded from on March 2010.

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