Starbuck Special (AQHA) 2003 Bay Roan Gelding

Starbuck Special (AQHA) 2003 Bay Roan Gelding

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At a glance

  • Sold
  • 2003 Bay Roan Gelding
  • Registered AQHA #4425901
  • Height 15.0 HH
  • $8,200 (CAD)
  • 100% safety record with riders
  • Over 750 miles of safe riding experiences

Training & Conformation

  • South Molton Training Level: Advanced Saddle
  • Tested for over 300 critical skills under saddle
  • Current training: Maintaining Advanced Saddle
  • Movement & Conformation Score: Excellect (Performance Class) scoring 96 out of 100
Starbuck Special

What you need to know

Starbuck Special brochure

A gentleman
Starbuck is ideal for the rider looking to have fun and fall in love. He is well mannered and confident, a true gentleman, with the unique ability to put even less experience riders at ease. Starbuck delivers the perfect balance of energy and calmness. While his energy makes him fun and easy to train, his calmness helps his rider build confidence. At 15 HH Starbuck is comfortable to mount and smooth at all gaits.

Good looking, smart and skilled
Starbuck is pleasing to the eye with wonderful conformation, scoring 95 out of 100 on our conformation and athletic ability scale. His willing, steady nature allows his training to advance remarkably fast. He has a solid foundation of grounds skills and well developed saddled skills. We have currently trained him as Saddle 3 – Advanced Saddle. He is an experienced trail horse at home and off site and has many hours in the arena. He is responsive to his rider’s cues and flexes like a dream.

Honest and straight forward
With Starbuck you never have to guess what he is going to be like on any given day. He brings a high level of consistent behavior to your ride every day. He is exceptionally balance and poised. His steadiness allows his rider to relax and develop their own riding skills without worrying about his reactions.

Calm and cool
Starbuck has the ideal temperament for the trail. He is naturally relaxed, calm and looks to the rider for leadership. When learning new skills, he remains unruffled and patient as well as takes the time to think through what is being asked.

Personality Assessment

Starbuck's personality assessment is: The Accountant1

The Accountant: Slow, steady and determined describes this personality. They do not need excitement or fanfare. They like predictability. They want you to have a plan and stick to it. The friendship is important to them, so it is important for them to be honored and appreciated.


  • Keep training progressive
  • Ride in the box
  • Repeat lessons often
  • Respect them
  • Be their friend and leader
  • Lots of positive reward


  • Skip steps
  • Change routine
  • Surprise them
  • Be in a hurry
  • Have huge expectations
  • Bully them

1 - Click to learn more about how The Stables at South Molton does equine personality assessments and for copyright information.


Starbuck's Stuff for Downloaing and Printing

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Nuts & Bolts:

  • Brochure View
  • Pedigree
  • Conformation & Temperament Assessment

Training Logs:

  • Saddle 3 - Advanced
  • Saddle 2 - Experienced
  • Saddle 1 - Elementary Saddle
  • Pre-Rider Training

The Stables at South Molton performs a personality assessment on all our horses for sale. These assessments are based on years of experience and close observation with each of our horses in a wide variety of settings and situations.

These personality assessments and traits are based on the book titled “Is Your Horse a Rock Star? Understanding Your Horse’s Personality” by Dessa Hockley 2008.

We run the results on each horse's personality through a computer model based on Ms. Hockley's theories. We find these results a remarkable match to our intimate knowledge of our horses.

The above information describing this horse's personality including the "do's and don'ts'" was down loaded from on March 2010.

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